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Mind Lab Pro vs. Prevagen (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?

Mind Lab Pro vs. Prevagen (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?


Mind Lab Pro is part of a long line of supplements from Performance Lab that is lesser known than the giant Prevagen. Prevagen is available at your local grocery store by other nootropic brain supplements.

Without buying and trying both, how do you decide which is right for you? I did the heavy lifting and tried both nootropic supplements to give you the verdict.

Quick Verdict

Mind Lab Pro is a solid nootropic and one of the few boasting an independent peer-reviewed study proving its effectiveness. I recommend it over many other products and easily do so again compared to Prevagen.

Prevagen uses a single speculative ingredient marketed as helpful against age-related cognitive decline. If this is your goal, it may be a suitable product, but I strongly suggest you choose Mind Lab Pro, for it uses a dozen well-researched ingredients and can boost your brain power.

IngredientsMind Lab Pro
DosageMind Lab Pro
Short-Term EffectsMind Lab Pro
Long Term EffectsMind Lab Pro
Third-Party TestingMind Lab Pro
Clinical ResearchMind Lab Pro
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Mind Lab Pro Nootropic

Quick Verdict

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro Supplement

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement scientifically proven to enhance brainpower. The product is aimed at everyone, or to use the official marketing message, “Whoever you are. Whatever you’re doing.”

The formulation uses 11 premium nootropic ingredients blended to deliver various cognitive benefits. The key to the success of Mind Lab Pro is the versatility the formulation provides, encompassing all aspects of brain health and performance while being championed as a safe and eco-friendly product.

My Mind Lab Pro review covers the entire formulation and my experiences.

What Is Prevagen?

Prevagen Regular Strength

Prevagen is a popular brain health supplement that increases memory and promotes overall brain health and function. It is one of the few nootropics available in large grocery store chains and big pharmacies, guaranteeing access to a large percentage of the population.   

Prevagen is unique among nootropics for using a single ingredient exclusive to them called apoaequorin, a protein found in the glowing jellyfish Aequorea Victoria. This substance shows promise for benefits unique to Prevagen.

My Prevagen review covers the lawsuit and formulation.

Mind Lab Pro vs Prevagen Main Differences

Mind Lab Pro vs Prevagen


Mind Lab Pro is advertised as a way to always be at your best and perform at your peak, regardless of what you do. The product promises to deliver 100% natural brain power, making you more alert, mentally agile, creative, and focused.

Prevagen’s primary purpose is to improve memory and maintain healthy cognitive function. To accomplish this purpose, the supplement employs the novel component apoaequorin, which is thought to work by modulating calcium levels in neurons, which have a crucial role in neuronal signaling.

Apoaequorin may promote and maintain appropriate calcium levels, hence improving cognitive performance and mitigating moderate cognitive decline.

Another advantage of Prevagen is the low risk of side effects compared to other products with a dozen ingredients. 


Mind Lab Pro 4.0 formula contains 11 powerful substances capable of boosting brainpower in all areas. Prevagen relies on a single active ingredient- the jellyfish protein apoaequorin. 

I will start this segment with Mind Lab Pro’s ingredients since there are a lot more, and they promise a more comprehensive range of benefits.

L-theanine is an amino acid and an effective antioxidant, present in most nootropics for its positive effect on relieving stress and enhancing verbal fluency and executive function [1][2].

L-tyrosine deserves attention because of its proven ability to boost cognitive flexibility, making it easier to switch between tasks [3].

Bacopa monnieri is an ayurvedic herb, part of the majority of nootropics because it has been established to improve verbal learning, memory acquisition, and delayed recall by helping brain receptors process information [4].

Mind Lab Pro also contains Citicoline, which optimizes brain pathways and boosts neural regeneration, focus, brain energy, and memory [9][10].

Rhodiola Rosea is used to aid the body in dealing with stress [5]. The ingredient is used in formulations aimed at athletes, potentially enhancing physical performance.

Another interesting Mind Lab Pro ingredient is Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom. This mushroom shows significant promise for decreasing stress and increasing working memory, complex attention, and reaction time shortly after ingestion [6][7].

Pine Bark extract, a potent antioxidant, is used to improve memory and blood flow [8].

Prevagen’s apoaequorin is used to reduce the development of Alzheimer’s disease and increase verbal learning abilities and working memory in healthy or mildly cognitively impaired individuals [11]. Prevagen has only one ingredient, so possible benefits are much more limited.

Prevagen is offered in three versions. The Regular strength has 10 mg of apoaequorin, the Extra strength contains 20 mg, and the Professional formula contains 40 mg.

Stimulant vs. Non-Stimulant

Mind Lab Pro vs Prevagen Ingredients

Neither Mind Lab Pro nor Prevagen contain stimulants. The usual stimulant used in nootropics is caffeine stacked with L-theanine to deliver a quick energy and focus boost. However, you cannot expect any fast results from these products.   

Short vs. Long-Term Effects

Because both products are non-stimulant nootropics, they must be used on a daily basis over time to get their full benefits. They are designed to be taken daily throughout the year, with the best results attained after three months and sustained with continuous use.

Prevagen’s clinical research, which claims significant benefits, was conducted after 90 days. Although the study is highly suspicious, this is the recommended timeframe from the company to gauge its effectiveness.

Mind Lab Pro’s legitimate trial was conducted after 4 weeks of intake, so you can expect faster results.

Clinical Research

Prevagen conducted an in-depth study on humans, although a few aspects raise questions about the findings’ validity.

The study included 218 participants aged 40 to 91. The control group showed slight improvements in verbal learning and recall after 90 days of ingesting 10 mg of Prevagen daily compared to the placebo group.

The study has several problems and is not considered a legitimate claim to efficacy. First, it was only recently peer-reviewed and was done in-house by the parent company producing Prevagen.

Secondly, the subjects had only self-reported memory loss problems, and such groups are more susceptible to the placebo effect.

No major trials have proven apoaequorin’s effectiveness.

Mind Lab Pro is perhaps the only nootropic with an independent complete formula clinical study. There are two currently available, and both are double-blind and placebo-controlled.

However, the first is more valuable since it was done independently by the University of Leeds, while the company paid for the second.

In both studies, the experimental groups of healthy adults using Mind Lab Pro showed significant improvements in cognitive-related tests [12][13].

Side Effects

Prevagen was proven safe and without side effects in the lone human trial, and results indicate that only a small percentage of the experimental group had headaches. I’ve also not experienced unpleasant side effects from using Prevagen.

Mind Lab Pro has also been tested to be well tolerated by healthy individuals, with possible side effects including headaches and light gastrointestinal issues.

User Reviews

Mind Lab Pro has received a 4.5-star rating from about 2400 reviews, the majority of which are positive. No people complain of adverse effects, but a few hundred customers have left dissatisfied reviews because they have not experienced any advantages.

Prevagen is a popular product with tens of thousands of Amazon reviews. The high ratings imply that buyers are pleased with it.

Nonetheless, other reviews claim they have felt no benefits. Some customers also complain about the price, which, in the more potent formulations, is equivalent to many other nootropics containing dozens of ingredients.


Product1 Bottle / Regular2 Bottles / Regular4 Bottles / Extra Strength
Mind Lab Pro$69.00 / 30 servings ($2.30/serving)$138.00 / 60 servings ($2.30/serving)$207.00 / 120 servings ($1.73/serving)
Prevagen$39.95 / 30 servings ($1.33/serving)$74.95 / 60 servings ($1.25/serving)$59.95 / 30 servings ($2.00/serving)

My Experience With Mind Lab Pro And Prevagen

Prevagen vs Mind Lab Pro Benefits

Mind Lab Pro met my expectations during my one-month trial and improved my productivity.

When I started using Mind Lab Pro, I saw no quick improvements, but I didn’t expect any. However, around the start of the third week of intake, I began to see an improvement in my afternoon slump, and by the fourth week, it was almost gone.

I believe my ability to focus has increased, as has my ability to process information when performing challenging tasks like recording a podcast or writing complex articles.

Prevagen did not work for me in 30 days, and I noticed no change in my memory. I chose the Regular strength because it was the product used in the clinical study.

What I did not follow through on, as in the study, was the period, as I took it for 30 days rather than 90.

Perhaps taking Prevagen for three months or using the extra-strength version would boost my memory.

Either way, I gave Prevagen a chance, but the product is promoted mainly to elderly people who want to slow down memory loss and restore their normal brain function, so even if it is effective, I am unlikely to notice any effects.

Should You Choose Mind Lab Pro Or Prevagen?

I can wholeheartedly recommend Mind Lab Pro over Prevagen. The solid formulation is aimed at everyone in every field who needs more brain power.

While a few of the ingredients are underdosed, the synergistic effect seems to deliver noticeable benefits, as has been proven in one independent study.

At the same time, Prevagen uses a speculative substance not tested properly in large-scale studies, and I am one who prefer more proven products.

Even if the product does what it promises, it is intended for older people, and my guess is the majority of you reading this are of active age and looking to help your brain work even better. 


Mind Lab Pro Nootropic

Mind Lab Pro

An effective non-stimulant formula for brain-boosting performance.


Second Best Option



A 1 ingredient nootropic supplement that is unlikely to give you brain-boosting benefits.



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