The Motion Master – Pounding Perfection

The Motion Master was developed alongside coach Erik Paulson of CSW, Revgear’s first and longest serving ambassador

The Motion Master is a peerless training item that is often imitated, but never equalled. More than a grappling and MMA dummy, it is a unique piece of kit that brings a lifetime of value to grapplers and ground and pound strikers alike.

For twenty-five years, Erik Paulson has worked with Paul Reavlin; a partnership that has produced, among other things, the greatest ground dummy ever created. With both men operating with the same mindset when it came to product development, they became fast friends and a great team.

Erik had an idea for the Motion Master, a dummy with a head on both ends that looked like an infinity loop, enabling continuous work without having to reset. The nubs at the side were specifically designed that you could get an arm under them and work submission positions as well as ground and pound.

The details were worked on again and again with Paul bringing Erik new prototypes until the Motion Master was exactly where both men wanted it. Together they made a virtually indestructible product that had a washable material and adjustable stuffing.

The Motion Master is the ultimate positional tool for groundwork. It is perfect for beginners who need to figure out out to move and use the mount, knee on belly, side control and so on. It is a fantastic tool for more advanced grapplers who want to drill transitions and work hard without having too many parts in the way. For ground and pound, it is unmatched by any other piece of equipment on the market.

With both the Revgear and the Erik Paulson CSW labels, you know you are getting the genuine article. Accept no substitute.

Tom Billinge Tom is the Editor of Revgear Sports and the founder of WarYoga. He is a 10th Planet purple belt and a Muay Thai Kru having spent over two decades in the sport in Thailand and around the world. Tom has trained Lethwei in Myanmar, Kushti wrestling in India, Zurkhaneh sports in Iran, boxing throughout Europe, and catch wrestling in the USA. Tom also resurrected the ancient techniques of traditional British bareknuckle pugilism from archaic manuals.