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I Tried Move Free For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)

I Tried Move Free For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)


Move Free Ultra Triple Action contains three primary ingredients to safeguard bones, cartilage, and joints from damage caused by injuries, overuse, and aging.

Is a joint supplement with three ingredients enough for joint relief and longevity? I tried it myself to give you the inside scoop on Move Free.


  • Smaller size capsule for easier intake.
  • Only one tablet per day is recommended.
  • One of the cheapest joint supplements.


  • It uses a proprietary blend that hides ingredient doses.
  • Limited main ingredients.
  • Underdosed ingredients based on the total proprietary blend.
FlexAgain Joint Supplement

Quick Verdict

Who Is Move Free?

Move Free Ultra Triple Action is manufactured by Schiff Vitamins, a well-known brand in the supplement industry.

The company has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing quality supplements. In 2012, Reckitt Benckiser acquired Schiff Vitamins, a company that also makes other well-known household products.

Move Free Ultra Triple Action Ingredients

Type II Collagen

Type II Collagen is a protein in cartilage, bones, and various tissues crucial for joint health and elasticity.

Supplementation with collagen may enhance joint stiffness, mobility, and cartilage healing [1]. A study in 2021 provided strong evidence that a daily intake of 5–15 grams of collagen peptides could alleviate joint pain and improve function [2].

The evidence shows that for this to work, you need at least 11 times more than what is in Move Free Ultra.

To make matters worse, contradictory evidence indicates that consuming collagen orally does not necessarily boost collagen production in the body [3].

Oral collagen supplements, including collagen peptides and hydrolyzed collagen, are popular, but that doesn’t mean the science holds up.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally present in the body, particularly in the skin and connective tissues, aiding in joint lubrication.

As a component of synovial fluid within joints, it provides cushioning and lubrication for bone movement.

However, the dosage in this blend is too small to be effective when taken orally, which is a pet peeve of mine. Studies were done on 5 mg of hyaluronic acid as an injection; the only positive oral studies required grams, as most get broken down in the stomach [4].


Boron is a mineral that’s important for bone health. It helps reduce the loss of essential minerals and increases calcium and vitamin D levels.

Evidence suggests it helps balance hormone levels, which can contribute to certain joint conditions [5][6]. There’s some evidence it can help with joints, but it’s relatively limited.

Move Free Benefits

Healthy Cartilage Support

Move Free contains Type II Collagen, the same protein found in healthy cartilage. This type of collagen works with the immune system to help preserve and maintain cartilage, ensuring joints function smoothly without friction.

By supporting the preservation of cartilage, this supplement helps maintain the flexibility and mobility of the joints.

Healthy Bone Support

The inclusion of Boron in Move Free is particularly beneficial for bone health. Boron helps maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium—essential nutrients for building and sustaining strong bones.

This can significantly benefit older adults at risk of bone density loss.

Convenient Daily Use

Move Free is designed to be easy to incorporate into your daily routine, requiring only one tablet per day.

This makes it a convenient option for continuous joint and bone health support without taking multiple daily doses. Each bottle provides a 64-day supply, making it a practical choice for long-term use.

Who Is Move Free Ultra Triple For?

Older Adults

Move Free is particularly beneficial for older adults who may experience natural wear and tear on joints and cartilage due to aging. It helps maintain joint flexibility and comfort, potentially reducing the effects of osteoarthritis.

Individuals with Joint Concerns

People experiencing joint discomfort or issues related to joint function, such as stiffness or limited mobility, may find relief with Move Free. Its ingredients support cartilage and bones’ health, helping preserve joint functionality.

Those Looking for Preventative Care

Individuals interested in preventive health measures to maintain joint and bone health as they age can benefit from Move Free. It offers support to keep bones strong and joints flexible, aiming to delay the onset of joint-related issues.

My Experience With Move Free

Move Free is the least effective joint supplement I’ve reviewed so far. I started taking Move Free with high hopes, given its positive reviews and the fact that it only required taking one small, easy-to-swallow tablet per day.

Working in a strenuous job, I was looking for something to alleviate the wear and tear on my joints, but my experience with Move Free was disappointing.

I noticed no improvement in my joint pain while taking Move Free. In fact, there were times I felt that my joint discomfort worsened.

I had hoped this supplement would be the solution to my ongoing joint issues, but it fell short of my expectations. Despite continuing the regimen diligently, my joint pain persisted, and I saw no noticeable benefits.

My experience with Move Free was underwhelming. It didn’t deliver the relief I was seeking.

Customers Move Free Reviews

There is a conflicting story if you look at customer reviews on numerous websites. Amazon customers gave a very acceptable score of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Most of the 4—and 5-star reviews praise the easy-to-swallow single pill.

However, 1—and 2-star reviews claim similar experiences to mine, with no change in joint pain. Further, some customers report skin rashes and bloating.

Move Free Side Effects

Move Free is generally considered safe for most people, but like any supplement, it can cause side effects in some individuals. I didn’t experience any adverse side effects taking it for a month.

Here are some potential side effects to be aware of when taking Move Free:

  1. Allergic Reactions: Since some Move Free products contain ingredients derived from poultry, such as collagen, individuals with allergies to poultry or other animal products might experience allergic reactions. Symptoms could include itching, rash, difficulty breathing, or swelling.
  2. Gastrointestinal Issues: Some users might experience gastrointestinal discomfort, including nausea, stomach upset, or diarrhea. These symptoms can occur as the body adjusts to the supplement or disagrees with the ingredients.

Move Free Alternatives



FlexAgain is my number one ranked best joint supplement. This formula includes 1,100 mg of omega-3s from algae for optimal absorption, 500 mg of curcumin extract for its potent anti-inflammatory effects, and a balanced mix of glucosamine HCL (400 mg) and chondroitin (250 mg) for cartilage support.

Manufactured in the USA and subjected to third-party testing, FlexAgain assures quality and efficacy and is backed by a money-back guarantee.

It contains additional anti-inflammatory and supportive nutrients like vitamin D, K2, bromelain, boswellia, resveratrol, MSM, and gingerols, making it an exceptional choice for alleviating joint pain and improving overall joint function.

You can read my experiences and formula breakdown in my FlexAgain review.

Joint Buddy

Joint Buddy

Joint Buddy is a budget-friendly joint supplement that offers comprehensive support for joint health and mobility. It combines a potent mix of glucosamine (1,500 mg), chondroitin (1,200 mg), and MSM (1,000 mg).

It also includes essential vitamins and minerals like selenium to enhance joint function. While it lacks ingredients like omega fatty acids and curcumin, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, Joint Buddy is cost-effective with a high dosage of key components.

It’s priced competitively and provides a solid foundation for those seeking joint pain relief without breaking the bank. It is an excellent choice for consumers looking for both value and effectiveness in their supplements.

You can read my in-depth guide in my Joint Buddy review.



Despite its promising ingredient list, which includes turmeric, resveratrol, and Boswellia serrata, the product failed to alleviate my discomfort or improve my mobility.

Particularly, the turmeric dosage of 200 mg, even enhanced with bioperine for better absorption, seemed insufficient.

Instaflex also turned out to be expensive for its performance, making the cost hard to justify given the lack of results. The large pill size also added to my frustration, making daily consumption unpleasant.

While Instaflex is popular and has a decent online rating, my personal experience and further research into its formula have led me to explore other more effective and better-dosed joint health supplements on the market.

You can see my formula breakdown and experiences in my Instaflex review.

Joint Food

Joint Food

I tried Joint Food, drawn by its popularity and comprehensive claims. However, the experience was underwhelming.

Despite containing some proven ingredients, the proprietary blend seemed to conceal underdosed components, limiting its effectiveness.

The supplement included potentially beneficial elements like Vitamin C and turmeric, but their impact was minimal due to inadequate dosing.

Joint Food’s high price tag, coupled with a formula that required far greater quantities for efficacy, particularly in its main ingredients like MSM and Boswellia, left me disappointed.

Ultimately, it didn’t alleviate my joint discomfort, leading me to discontinue use and not notice any change.

You can see my formula breakdown and experiences in my Joint Food review.


Move Free Ultra Triple Action contains three standard ingredients that are commonly found in most joint supplements but don’t contain the most potent ingredients.

There are more effective joint supplements that are clinically dosed to provide joint pain relief, such as FlexAgain.

Best Joint Pain Supplement


A powerful, clinically dosed joint supplement to alleviate joint pain and improve joint health.



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