Home Fitness Osteo Bi-Flex vs. Instaflex (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?
Osteo Bi-Flex vs. Instaflex (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?

Osteo Bi-Flex vs. Instaflex (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?


Osteo Bi-Flex and Instaflex are available at your local grocery stores and pharmacy making them easily accessible and instantly trusted. But do they work? And is one better than the other?

Quick Verdict

Osteo Bi-Flex wins the comparison because it has a massive dose of glucosamine HCL, one of the most powerful joint pain relief substances, and is affordable. It works for many people, and its success and positive reviews are justified.

Instaflex falls short of its promises. The formulation is comprised of underdosed ingredients, some with insufficient proof of effectiveness. My experience with it was lackluster, and I find the higher price unjustified.

While Osteo Bi-Flex is a solid product, it provides relief only through glucosamine and vitamin D, and some people need a more comprehensive approach. For them, I recommend FlexAgain, which has many more proven substances at optimal doses.

IngredientsOsteo Bi-Flex
DosageOsteo Bi-Flex
Joint Relief EffectivenessOsteo Bi-Flex
Third-Party TestingDraw
Clinical ResearchDraw
Side EffectsDraw
User ReviewsOsteo Bi-Flex
PriceOsteo Bi-Flex
FlexAgain Joint Supplement

Quick Verdict

What Is Instaflex

Instaflex is produced by Adaptive Health, a notable player in the health and wellness industry. They also make other products like Nugenix.

Instaflex is a natural joint health supplement formulated by doctors and uses a mix of clinically proven and more speculative ingredients to deliver meaningful pain relief to men and women suffering from joint pain.

The product is available on Amazon and other big retailers which is a big plus for any supplement as it makes it easy to buy on your grocery trips.

Read my full Instaflex review to get a more detailed insight about it.

What is Osteo Bi-Flex

American brand Osteo Bi-Flex is probably the most often used joint health supplement. The company has been a key player in the joint health supplements market for almost twenty years.

There are several varieties of Osteo Bi-Flex, all of which aim to provide the body with premium nutrients that reduce joint pain and discomfort and enhance mobility.

Like many supplements in this category, Osteo Bi-Flex mostly targets users in later life phases. People who wish to keep doing what they love, be active, and not let joint pain, stiffness, and discomfort slow down their lives.

I’ve tested it for 30 days and shared my experience in the Osteo Bi-Flex review.

Instaflex vs. Osteo Bi-Flex Main Differences


Both supplements are intended to reduce joint discomfort and restore normal joint function.

Supplements like Instaflex and Osteo Bi-Flex harness the power of nature and use plants, herbs, amino acids, and other natural substances to relieve joint pain with little to no side effects.

Prescription medicine always comes with adverse effects, while dietary supplements provide the body with nutrients and enhance and facilitate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Both Instaflex and Osteo Bi-Flex are widely available on Amazon, Walmart, and other big retailers, which is a big convenience. Many joint supplements can only be ordered from their websites while buying a couple of bottles when shopping for groceries is always easier.    


Since both products disclose the correct dosages and have transparent ingredient lists, it is easy to evaluate them against current scientific studies and determine their general efficacy for most people.

Osteo Bi-Flex is available in multiple versions, each with a slightly different formula. However, they all contain 1500 mg of Glucosamine HCL, which is the center of Osteo Bi-Flex’s formulation.

The most potent version of the product is Tripple Strength + Vitamin D, which is why I chose it for my Osteo Bi-Flex test.

Glucosamine is one of the most well-known compounds for alleviating joint discomfort. It promotes healthy joints and comfortable movement.

The recommended dosage of glucosamine sulfate is 1500 mg, which is matched in Osteo-Bi Flex with glucosamine HCL[1].

HCL is more potent than sulfate and is required in lower doses to be effective. Therefore, the exceptionally high dose of Osteo Bi-Flex will help most people.

Another popular combo seen in joint health supplements is chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Chondroitin is believed to aid cartilage health, and MSM is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties [2].

However, the dose of 275 mg is likely too low to deliver meaningful effects.

Boswellia is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that relieves joint pain and stiffness and is included in a proper dose in Osteo Bi-Flex [3].

Boswellia is the only ingredient matching the two supplements, and the same 100 mg dose is also included in the Instaflex formula [4].

Osteo Bi-Flex triple strength also includes 2000 UIs of vitamin D, which is an excellent complement to the mix. Most people have low vitamin D levels, and deficiency can cause joint pain.

Instaflex contains a mix of well-proven ingredients and, some which have less conclusive results in research.

Curcumin is a biologically active turmeric compound found in the Instaflex formulation at 200 mg.

Clinical research has demonstrated that curcumin can be as beneficial as prescription medicines in lowering joint swelling, pain, and stiffness and increasing walking ability in people with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with most studies focused specifically on knee discomfort [5][6].

Unfortunately, the dose in Instaflex is much lower than the prescribed amount. However, the addition of Bioperine improves things a bit. It enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and most extracts and is often paired with curcumin in supplements to enhance its potency [7].

Resveratrol is a common ingredient in nootropics, but it has also been shown to improve mobility and reduce joint pain. Through a specific mechanism in the body, Resveratrol helps prevent the onset of arthritis and supports stronger cartilage [8][9].

Instaflex contains 40 mg of collagen type two, but studies show that taking it as a dietary supplement can be beneficial only in much higher doses [10].

The last Instaflex ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is supported by limited evidence that it could help when taken orally. It is undoubtedly effective in reducing inflammation when injected directly into the joint, but the chance of it working when taken orally is low [11][12].


Given the high glucosamine content, Osteo Bi-Flex is clearly the more effective product.

The triple-strength version is the most potent due to the high vitamin D and Boswelia doses, but every version has 1500 mg of glucosamine HCl, which is usually enough to provide considerable pain relief for most people.

Instaflex is more of a mixed bag as it didn’t help me at all, but many user reviews claim it provides pain relief when taken for a more extended period of time.

Clinical Research

Instaflex and Osteo Bi-Flex contain mainly well-studied ingredients, and in the previous section, I’ve shared some of the most relevant ones concerning each ingredient. No full formulation studies are done on either of the two supplements, but this is true for all joint health supplements. 

The studies also provide us with the necessary information regarding effective dosages, and we can roughly determine a product’s effectiveness even before trying it.

Side Effects

Instalfex and Osteo Bi-Flex have a small chance of triggering side effects, and the supplements are generally safe for most individuals. However, it is possible to experience some minor issues.

One of these supplements’ most prevalent side effects is stomach discomfort, which might include bloating, gas, or nausea.

This is especially true for Osteo Bi-Flex due to the high concentration of glucosamine HCL, which can cause bloating and discomfort.

My experience with the two was completely clean, and I haven’t experienced any adverse effects.

User Reviews

Osteo Bi-Flex is a tremendously popular product on Amazon in all its variations. It’s widely acclaimed for its efficacy and value.

However, there is one common concern I’d want to address: the size of the tablets. Many customers have reported that the pills are difficult to swallow, so keep this in mind, as the daily dose is two tablets.  

Instaflex also has thousands of reviews on Amazon, which gives us a complete overview of the possible outcomes one might expect if they commit to the supplement.

A score of 4.1 indicates a reliable product and general satisfaction. The positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones, but for most people the pain relief does not come fast and many share they finally felt noticeable benefits after two or three months of use.

Unlike Osteo Bi-Flex, most users agree that the Instaflex pill is small and easy to swallow.    


Osteo Bi-Flex is sold in multiple versions and different bottle sizes, and it’s impossible to list all of them in a single comparison table. Make sure to check what options provide the best value and look for frequent sales.

Joint Supplement14 Servings / 1 Bottle30 Servings60 Servings
Instaflex$29.99 / 14 servings ($2.14/serving)$57.99 ($1.93/serving)$116 ($1.93/serving)
Osteo Bi-Flex$30.16 / 60 servings ($0.50/serving)  

My Experience With Instaflex And Osteo Bi-Flex

Osteo Bi-Flex had the more noticeable effect on me. By the end of the first week of intake, my joints felt healthier and less sore, and the inflammation had subsided. The effect only became better as the month progressed.

This is hardly surprising given that glucosamine is one of the most effective joint health components, and Osteo Bi-Flex contains a high amount. Fortunately, I had no negative effects from the glucosamine.

Instaflex did not have the same effect—in fact, it didn’t have any noticeable effect. I had high hopes before I started my test, but I was left disappointed and with a painful knee after 30 days of intake.

Perhaps the problem is the low doses or simply that my body doesn’t react to the supplement as well as other people’s. Many users report improvements after a longer period than one month, but since there are other products that help in much less time, I don’t see any point in sticking to Instaflex.

Should You Choose Instaflex Or Osteo Bi-Flex?

Osteo Bi-Flex is superior, providing far more value than Relief Factor on all levels. For many people, glucosamine is sufficient to ease discomfort, and Osteo Bi-Flex delivers a generous amount at an excellent price.

The Triple Strength version also contains vitamin D and a decent dose of Boswellia, making it an effective joint health supplement.

Instalfex falls short of expectations, as some of the ingredients are either in a too low dose or simply not effective when taken orally. The price is also drastically higher than that of Osteo Bi-Flex, so I can’t see a reason to choose Instaflex.

While Osteo Bi-Flex is a good joint pain supplement, glucosamine is not enough to resolve all possible issues, and some people need a more comprehensive formulation.

If this is you, I strongly recommend you try FlexAgain, which has the best joint supplement, stacked with all proven ingredients in high doses.



A powerful, clinically dosed joint supplement to alleviate joint pain and improve joint health.



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