Home Fitness I Tried Roman Testosterone Support For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)
I Tried Roman Testosterone Support For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)

I Tried Roman Testosterone Support For 30 Days (My 2024 Review)


While testosterone support can be time-consuming and have many adverse effects when taking the traditional route, many are turning to herbal supplements to reclaim their manhood.

I put Roman Testosterone Support through the ringer to figure out if it’s worth your time and money.


  • The natural formula of generously dosed ingredients.
  • 100% transparent labeling with clearly listed doses.
  • Reasonably priced and affordable supplement.


  • Limited selection of ingredients.
  • Some inclusions have limited scientific backing.
Prime Male Vitality

Quick Verdict

Who is the Manufacturer of Roman Testosterone Support?

Ro.co is a website offering online healthcare. It allows users to talk to licensed doctors, coaches, and nurses 24/7.

It’s a reputable site with many users, and while some have registered complaints about the service, it’s generally well-received.

They offer many supplements, including weight loss, hair and skin supplements, and sexual health supplements such as testosterone support.

Roman Testosterone Support Ingredients

Vitamin D – 62.5mcg

Vitamin D is dietarily available in most food groups, though primarily in dairy and red meat products. We can also synthesize vitamin D from particular UV rays from the sun, though the amount of time we spend indoors has led to many Americans having suboptimal levels.

When levels drop too low, issues with bone density and testosterone production typically follow.

Treatment of this deficiency has been clinically observed to resolve these issues, increasing testosterone levels and bone density throughout the body [1].

Magnesium – 200mg

This essential mineral is thought to play an important role in managing our hormones.

Supplementation has been found to boost testosterone production in men, with evidence suggesting magnesium positively influences anabolic hormones as a whole [2].

Zinc – 15mg

Zinc supplementation has long been thought to help improve testosterone levels, as well as hormonal and sexual health in men in general. It’s found mainly in areas associated with male sexual characteristics, such as the thyroid and prostate.

Deficiency is fortunately rare, but clinical research has shown that testosterone levels take a massive hit if levels drop too low.

It’s also thought that while getting our minimum requirement is necessary for stabilizing testosterone, improving the amount we get shows a similar improvement to free and total testosterone [3].

Ashwagandha Root Extract – 400mg

This is a commonly found ingredient for a natural testosterone booster, with a historical use as a tonic and aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.

It’s been extensively studied for everything from improving sleep quality and libido with mixed findings.

The clinical data is clear on one thing, however: After around 8 weeks of supplementation, Ashwagandha significantly increases serum testosterone levels [4].

Copper – 2mg

This seems an unusual inclusion for a nutritional supplement looking to increase testosterone levels. All of the research on the correlation between copper and testosterone shows an inverse relationship, meaning an increase in copper reduces testosterone.

In a paper examining copper, zinc, and selenium levels and their relationships with testosterone, researchers concluded that copper increases (sex hormone binding globulin) in the blood. This binds to the testosterone, so your tissues can no longer use it [5].

Maca Root Powder – 3000mg

The first thing to note here is that it’s a very generous dose of Maca root, a fairly common ingredient in nutritional supplements made for testosterone support.

The data for clinical research are somewhat mixed, with much contention.

You can find papers that report no change to hormones in the blood up to 12 weeks following supplementation [6]. In contrast, other papers measuring the symptoms of hypogonadism reported a significant reduction in symptoms, including an increase in testosterone.

Roman Testosterone Support Price

Testosterone BoosterOne Time Purchase
Roman Testosterone Support$24.98 ($0.21 per serving)

Roman Testosterone Support Benefits

Created by Doctors

Roman Testosterone Support supplements are formulated by medical professionals and backed by scientific research.

This ensures the blend is effective and safe, containing unique ingredients like Ashwagandha for testosterone support and magnesium for muscular health. This proprietary blend is not available anywhere else.

Hormone-Free Formula

Unlike many testosterone supplements on the market, Roman Testosterone Support is hormone-free, making it a safer option for those looking to boost their testosterone levels naturally without the risks associated with hormone therapy.

Convenient Deliveries

Roman offers flexible and convenient delivery options with monthly and quarterly shipment plans.

Monthly plans are priced at $35, while quarterly plans offer a reduced rate of $29 per month. Also, shipping is free, and the flexible delivery schedule allows you to pause anytime.

Who Is Roman Testosterone Support For

For Individuals Seeking Natural Testosterone Support

These supplements are ideal for anyone looking to support their body’s natural testosterone production.

Testosterone is crucial for regulating sex drive, bone mass, muscle mass, and the production of red blood cells and sperm. Roman Testosterone Support provides a natural way to enhance these functions.

For Those Seeking Flexibility

Roman Testosterone Support supplements are perfect for those seeking flexibility in their supplement routine. Users can pause shipments anytime and adjust their intake according to their personal needs and schedules.

Not for Diagnosed Low-Testosterone Cases

If you suspect you have a hormone deficiency or have been diagnosed with low testosterone, it is important to consult with a doctor in person rather than relying solely on these supplements.

My Experience Taking Roman Testosterone Support

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Roman testosterone support. It is not exactly what I’d call a comprehensive formula, and while it does contain a good combination of vitamins and minerals, it’s far from an impressive formula.

According to the bottle, it’s made by doctors and backed by science, except for the copper and maca root. It supports bone health and muscle function, promotes healthy testosterone levels, and supports physical performance.

After thirty days of trying it, I’m sorry to report that I didn’t notice any difference besides some uncomfortable stomach bloating after the first week.

The side effects I experienced are likely due to the large amount of raw maca root. 3,000mg is more than I’ve seen in any similar product so far, and with its limited clinical evidence, it doesn’t make sense to me to include so much.

When other companies have employed maca root, it’s typically in a concentrated form, dramatically limiting the possibility of adverse effects. This leaves more room for promising ingredients.

Overall, I’m unimpressed. A product created by doctors should focus a little more on the science behind the formula.

Why is there no D-aspartic acid? Why is copper here? It just does not seem to be very well researched, and the gastrointestinal issues I experienced were very unpleasant.

Customer Roman Testosterone Support Reviews

Roman Testosterone Support has done very well on Amazon, with an impressive 4.0 average.

There are plenty of 5-star reviews, making up 54% of the total ratings provided. This is a bit of a red flag. People tend to only leave reviews on products that they dislike, at least without incentive.

It’s not impossible to imagine that it has worked for this many people.

Looking at the reviews themselves, most of the 1-star reviews mention side effects similar to those I experienced.

On Trustpilot, most complaints are about customer service, and a worrying majority of people mention price gouging.

Roman Testosterone Support Side Effects

The leading cause of concern regarding side effects is the large amount of raw maca root.

This can cause issues ranging from loose stool, nausea, stomach bloating, and other gastrointestinal problems.

While I may have experienced gastrointestinal issues myself, this is by no means a guarantee, so take this supplement at your discretion.

Roman Testosterone Support Alternatives

Prime Male Vitality

Prime Male Vitality

Roman Testosterone Support offers a limited range of ingredients, with some lacking clinical backing.

Prime Male Vitality provides a fully comprehensive range of natural ingredients in a formula designed specifically to improve T levels and help with sexual performance, energy level, sex drive, better strength, and faster muscle growth and recovery.

There are some similarities, starting with the vitamin and mineral blends, which include zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D.

Prime Male leaves out the copper and instead cleverly include Vitamin K2 and vitamin B6, which are shown to improve testosterone production [7][8].

We also have a more standard selection of herbal ingredients, all of which are naturally shown to benefit testosterone production.

D-aspartic acid sticks out first as one of the better and most popular ingredients for testosterone supplements, being a very well-researched and understood testosterone-boosting ingredient [9].

With the inclusion of ginseng, you can reliably reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction [10], and Luteolin is an ingredient capable of directly stimulating steroidogenesis for improved testosterone production [11].

Lastly, black pepper extract and nettle root extract are used. Nettle root improves free testosterone levels in the blood by reducing the conversion rate of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone [12], and black pepper extract helps the rest of the formula do its job by improving the absorption rate of all of the nutrients contained within,


TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

TestoFuel is marketed as an effective testosterone booster that primarily uses vitamins and minerals to address common deficiencies linked to low testosterone levels.

With natural ingredients like d-aspartic acid, oyster extract, and vitamin D, it aims to boost testosterone safely and affordably. It’s one of the reasons it’s ranked my best testosterone booster for muscle gain.

TestoFuel has a 4.3/5 star rating and is praised for its ability to increase testosterone levels, inhibit sex hormone-binding globulin, and enhance luteinizing hormone production without side effects. However, it must be purchased directly from the official website.

You can read my in-depth TestoFuel review here.



TestoPrime is a natural testosterone booster containing ingredients like vitamin D, zinc, and fenugreek. It is designed to support healthy testosterone levels.

It aims to alleviate symptoms of low testosterone, such as fatigue and low libido, without harmful additives.

Backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee and manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, TestoPrime is praised for enhancing energy, muscle strength, and mental clarity. However, its higher price point and lack of comprehensive clinical trials may deter some users.

You can read my in-depth TestoPrime review here.


From the outside looking in, Roman testosterone support is a great choice. It’s made by a company that has many products specializing primarily in sexual function.

Upon closer inspection, however, this dietary supplement contains limited ingredients and has limited backing.

I recommend staying away unless they update the formula, in which case I’ll happily take another look.

In the meantime, try something like Prime Male Vitality instead. It’s got a great formula that covers all bases, providing comprehensive testosterone support all around.

Prime Male

Prime Male Vitality

The powerful testosterone booster increases energy and vitality with optimally dosed ingredients.

Prime Male Vitality


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