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Testogen vs. TestoFuel (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?

Testogen vs. TestoFuel (I Tried Both): Who Wins In 2024?


I had to get my hands on these two testosterone boosters. I tried both for 30 days to see which is more effective and report my findings to you. Is one better than the other?

While both are potent testosterone boosters, TestoFuel is a more potent natural testosterone booster. I had better results taking it than Testogen.

Testogen is cheaper when buying a single tub, but if you commit to 4 bottles of Testofuel, the price per serving is cheaper than Testogen’s.

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TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Supplement


What Is Testogen

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster intended to help men improve their physical and reproductive function. It contains D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek Extract, Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Ginseng Extract, all of which promote muscular growth, energy, libido, mood, and post-workout recovery.

The company operates in the health and wellness industry, specializing in products that promote natural hormone production and are primarily aimed at men’s health.

They stress the use of natural components to assure safety and reduce the adverse effects associated with synthetic hormone therapy.

You can read my in-depth guide in my Testogen review.

What Is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel targets men who want to increase their natural testosterone levels. It’s very beneficial for muscle growth, increased vitality, and better mood.

TestoFuel contains vitamins and herbs designed to boost your body’s natural testosterone production. It appeals to health-conscious people who seek supplements free of synthetic ingredients.

For anyone tired of feeling sluggish or hitting a plateau in their workouts, TestoFuel offers a practical solution. The supplement can help improve mood, boost metabolism, and aid muscle recovery by promoting natural testosterone production.

You can read my in-depth guide in my TestoFuel review.

Testogen vs. Testofuel Main Differences


The main purpose of both supplements is to boost the natural production of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is the most important hormone for a man, as it largely determines his mood, mindset, and energy levels.

High testosterone guarantees optimal muscle growth and strength, high libido, normal sexual function, stable mood and focus, and abundant energy. So, without any exaggeration, raising your testosterone improves every aspect of your life.

Modern pharmaceuticals can quickly raise testosterone, and so do steroids, but they always come with many risks of adverse effects, some of which are irreversible.

Testogen and Testofuel are natural products that aim to help the body’s test?sterone production with none of the dangers of synthetic testosterone boosters.

A benefit worth mentioning is Testogen’s free shipping worldwide. Testofuel is shipped free only in the US and UK.


Testogen and Testofuel have transparent ingredient lists with the exact dosages shown. Many of the ingredients overlap, and the two products are quite similar. Let’s break down each component and its benefits.

D-aspartic acid is a natural amino acid used by the body to create testosterone. Supplementing with it leads to many benefits, including improved sperm quality, semen production, sexual health, muscle growth, physical performance, and energy levels, and the ability to combat erectile dysfunction and even things like opioid addictions [1].

Testogen’s dose is slightly higher, at 2352 mg, compared to Testofuel’s 2000 mg, but both are considered effective doses.

The next shared component is Panax Ginseng extract, which is often included in testosterone boosters as metabolic research shows it can boost testosterone levels, male sexual functions, and libido [2].

Testogen has 40 mg of 4:1 extract, while Tesotfuel has 100 mg of 10:1 extract.

Fenugreek is a natural plant high in furostanolic saponins. Studies have shown promising results in increasing testosterone production and libido. After 12 weeks of intake, studies show increased testosterone, mood, energy, and libido [3][4].

Both products also contain vitamin D, which does not directly boost test production, but its deficiency is shown to lead to lower testosterone [5].

Zinc, boron, and crucial elements for testosterone production are in solid doses in the two supplements.

A couple of components found only in Testofuel worth mentioning are Maca root extract and Oyster extract.

Maca can improve testosterone synthesis and sexual health, drive and function, promote a healthy emotional balance, and balance estrogen and testosterone levels [6].

Oyster extract t supports increased testosterone production and prevents low testosterone levels or a testosterone deficiency [7].

Testogen, on the other hand, contains Nettle leaf extract, which allows testosterone levels to remain higher for longer periods.


I experienced great results on multiple fronts with both products, which is why they are in my best testosterone boosters ranking.

Testogen is boosted by energy levels roughly after one week of taking the four daily pills. As the first month progressed, my endurance in the gym improved, I lifted heavier weights and got stronger.

I was happy with the result, so I continued taking Testogen for another month. This produced even better results not only in the gym but also in my mood and libido. Overall, it was a very positive experience.

My trial of TestoFuel was similar. The early results were lackluster, but once a couple of weeks passed and the product kicked in, my energy levels went through the roof, and my sense of well-being and confidence was better than it had been in years.

Clinical Research

All of the ingredients in these two testosterone boosters are solidly backed by scientific research, and the effects are well known. The recommended dosages are also established, and both products largely adhere to them.

Side Effects

The natural ingredients in the two products are generally well tolerated, and most people do not experience side effects. That said, there is a slight chance you will get digestive issues or allergies if you are intolerant to some ingredients.

Testogen caused me slight stomach discomfort for a couple of days, but this was the extent of the adverse effects. TestoFuel was even better, and I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

D-aspartic acid, ginseng, and fenugreek extract, which are found in both products, are known to cause some light side effects. Thus, my issues while taking Testogen may have been caused or at least reinforced by something else.

User Reviews

Both Testogen and TestoFuel have extensive user reviews on their websites, which are usually accompanied by before-and-after photos showing impressive results.

I love this approach because, with the photos, every review feels authentic, and you can spend an hour reading through positive reviews of both products.

The downside is the missing option to filter reviews and the option to see negative reviews in general. As much as I have enjoyed both and believe all of the positive feedback, it’s impossible for everyone to be happy with them, and negative reviews cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, you can’t access any such reviews.


Testosterone Booster1 Bottle2 Bottles / 1 Bottle + Drops4 Bottles
Testogen$47.99 ($1.60 per serving)$57.99 ($1.93 per serving)
Testofuel$59.99 $2.00 per serving)$119.98 ($2.00 per serving)$179.96 ($1.50 per serving)

My Experience With Testogen And TestoFuel

As I explained in the effectiveness section of this article, I had a great experience with Testogen and TestoFuel. They largely fulfilled their promise to increase my energy, mood, libido, and gym results.

As someone in my 30s and physically fit and active, I am not someone suffering from low testosterone in general, but I am also not 22 anymore, and when a product boosts my testosterone, the change is noticeable.

The negative effects of Testogen were minimal, and I cannot be certain they were caused by it, while my experience with TestoFuel was completely clean.

Should You Choose Testogen Or TestoFuel?

The two products have proven highly effective for me, but TestoFuel is the best. Its potent formula and cheaper price per serving when buying in bulk make it the superior choice.

They are also both in my list of best testosterone boosters for men over 40.


TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Supplement


A natural testosterone booster with science-backed ingredients to squash vitamin and mineral deficiencies related to low testosterone.


Runner Up



A well-thought out testosterone formulation made with all-natural ingredients.



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