BJJFlowCharts – the Roadmap to Success The man behind BJJFlowCharts has the game plan laid out and ready to navigate you through the complexities of progressing through the minefield of Jiu Jitsu Max Corteggiano at BJJFlowCharts has one goal: to make you improve faster. The flow charts give you a better understanding meaning you can train smarter. This simple […]
Brok Weaver the Choktaw Warrior Brok Weaver is a tough fighter from a strong lineage. He has fought a lot of battles to gain a place in the UFC and is out to prove himself against the best in the world. Brok Weaver, a proud Alabama MOWA Choktaw, has been grinding out his MMA career […]
Frank Camacho: AKA Frank The Crank Hailing from Guam, Frank Camacho is the pride of the Pacific Islands. Frank has fought hard for everything he has achieved. Frank Camacho began his MMA career after being inspired as a teenager by PRIDE and the UFC. At 15 years old, he started training at Trench Tech Purebred […]
Dominate the Bottom with a Closed Guard Overhook Armbar Kenneth Brown, Fight 2 Win athlete and head instructor at 2nd Gear Jiu Jitsu in Laurel MD shows you how to get the closed guard overhook armbar. Kenneth Brown is a master at teaching the details that make good Jiu Jitsu players into great ones. Here Kenneth breaks down the closed guard […]
Stipe Miocic – Greatest Heavyweight in UFC History With a record that speaks for itself, Stipe Miocic has the strongest claim to greatest heavyweight of all time in the UFC The numbers don’t lie. Put the fight record of Stipe Miocic up against any other UFC heavyweight and compare them. Stipe is the GOAT of […]
For some 4th July fun we thought we might take a look at some candidates for the greatest All American Mixed Martial Arts fighter of all time.  To get through the qualifying round we decided a fighter had to be All American, A Champion in a major promotion and to exemplify the qualities for a […]
25 YEAR of ALL AMERICAN REVGEAR BOXING Gloves 3 of the Stand out Gloves for Stand Up fighting!  With the new S5 All Rounder glove and F1 Competition Boxing glove launch just around the corner we thought it would be a great time to reflect on 25 years of fighters across the globe training, competing […]
The Revgear S5 – The World’s Best All Round Boxing Glove If you are only going to buy one set of boxing gloves this year then you need to buy the Revgear S5 – The World’s Best All Round Boxing Glove The Revgear S5 is the perfect glove for All Round Combat Sports training. Pads, […]
The Revgear F1 Competitor  Built for the ring, the F1 Competitor will floor your opponents as you raise your hands in victory When you step into the ring, you need to know that what you have on your hands is going to get the job done. The Revgear F1 doesn’t just get the business taken care […]
Tighten Up Your Rear Naked Choke Fight 2 Win athlete and Jiu Jitsu black belt Tony Tipton shares his killer tips on sinking the rear naked choke Tony Tipton, head coach and owner of Tipton Martial Arts in Forth Worth, Texas, shows us how he gets the rear naked choke tight and submits his opponents […]