Grappling Dummies Compared

Introducing decorated MMA fighter & BJJ Black belt Pete Irving and two of his close friends: The Motion Master and the Freestyle Throwing Dummy from Revgear.

If you train Jiu Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, you will know the amount of time spent being the dummy for positional drilling can be both painful and time consuming. Although this is a part of training ground skills we have all had to endure at one point, there is an alternative, and that is to use the floor based version of a heavy bag: The grappling dummy!

First, Pete looks at the differences between the two grappling dummies in his review; noting the options for training and how he has used them in both class and one to one training.

The Freestyle Dummy is the preference for MMA ground and pound, conditioning and throwing, and the Motion Master is a great option for positional training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He then moves on to a series of techniques showing ways in which position training can be incorporated using these versatile training aids.

If you are a coach and need to show techniques to a student, Pete points out the benefits of having a positional aid such as the Motion Master. This piece of training equipment allows him to both show the positions to his students, and watch exactly what his students do without the requirement for a third person.

On the Motion Master Pete notes his experience with other dummies which utilize arms. He makes the point that the Motion Master’s “Stumps” mimic the shoulders and hips, but do not break down like other dummies he’s used!

This is a great review from a consummate professional coach. If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate these grappling dummies into your program, then look out for the technical series on both the Motion Master and the Freestyle throwing dummy from Pete Irving on REVGEARSPORTS.com.


Alex Wright Alex Wright is well known in the United Kingdom from his extensive work in the Mixed Martial Arts Industry for over a decade. He's been involved as a coach, fighter and industry mogul since around 2000 and now heads up the European division for REVGEAR Sports.