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My Experience Taking Kaged Mindset (2024 Review)

My Experience Taking Kaged Mindset (2024 Review)


You don’t often find sports supplement companies entering the world of nootropics. They may use brain boosting ingredients in their pre-workout formulations, but don’t create standalone nootropic products.

Kaged Mindset by Kaged Muscle has flipped that on its head and has developed a dedicated nootropic powder formulation. How does it stack up against other dedicated nootropic brands?


  • Immediate and Noticeable Effects: Many users reported experiencing hyperfocus, heightened memory recall, faster processing speed, and easier flow state activation within a short period after consumption.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance: Ingredients like Alpha-GPC and Acetyl L-Carnitine have been linked to improved motivation, clearer thinking, and support for dopamine activity, which can enhance motivation and mental clarity.
  • Certified and Tested: The product is Informed-Sport Certified, ensuring it is free from banned substances and third-party tested for purity.
  • Versatility: Available in both stimulant-free and caffeinated options to cater to different preferences. It is also vegan and non-GMO.


  • Flavor Variety: Currently, it is only available in one flavor, which may not appeal to everyone.
  • Speculative or Underdosed Ingredients: Some ingredients are more speculative or underdosed based on the current evidence we have.
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Quick Verdict

Who Is Kaged Muscle?

Kaged Muscle is a sports nutrition company founded in 2014, known for supplying a wide range of supplements such as proteins, amino acids, weight management products, testosterone supports, and health and wellness items.

The company was co-founded by Kris Gethin, a popular fitness influencer and trainer, alongside Michael McClane, a former executive at Bodybuilding.com.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, Kaged Muscle emphasizes the importance of quality and safety in its products.

The company sources the purest, most potent raw materials, adheres to third-party quality assurance practices, and is committed to rigorous laboratory and real-world testing.

This commitment also extends to their manufacturing process, with facilities that comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are NSF-certified.

Moreover, Kaged Muscle products undergo rigorous evaluation by independent third-party laboratories, ensuring an unbiased and objective assessment of their purity, strength, and nutritional composition.

Kaged Mindset

Kaged Mindset

Powdered nootropic blend to enhance cognitive function without stimulants.

Kaged Mindset

Kaged Mindset Ingredients

Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline 600 mg

Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter regulating memory and muscular control. It is usually addressed in terms of memory improvement.

According to research, consuming 500 mg daily may improve elderly adults’ episodic memory, which is the ability to recall personal experiences and specific events [1].

According to additional research, healthy people taking at least 500 mg of this supplement daily may enjoy cognitive improvements [2].

Kaged Mindset contains 600 mg of choline, which should be sufficient to achieve the efficacy seen in research.

L-Tyrosine 500 mg

The amino acid L-tyrosine can increase the brain’s supply of the feel-good chemical dopamine. According to studies, supplementing with L-Tyrosine can improve cognitive regulation [3]. This is particularly true in mentally demanding situations.

Dopamine plays an integral part in enhancing cognitive flexibility. Despite its limited use in improving physical exercise and treating clinical illnesses, L-Tyrosine does work in situations that are stressful or cognitively difficult for short periods.

When neurotransmitter activity is unaltered, but levels of dopamine and norepinephrine are momentarily low, its cognitive benefits become more noticeable [4].

According to the research, at least 2 grams is the starting point for effective doses regarding cognitive improvement, which is much higher than the dose included in Kaged Mindset.

Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg

Although further research is required, L-carnitine has not been found to provide cognitive benefits as a supplement in healthy people [5].

However, in people experiencing cognitive decline, it shows promise with mixed results. It’s believed to work by supporting cell membrane health, boosting cellular energy production, protecting against toxins, and promoting growth factors vital for brain cell survival [18].

Notably, lower levels of acetyl L-carnitine in individuals with Alzheimer’s and memory complaints suggest its potential for early detection and treatment.

Animal studies back its neuroprotective and cognitive benefits, suggesting ALC could reverse aging effects and improve brain function [19].

However, human studies have yielded varied outcomes, indicating changes in brain chemistry and function in Alzheimer’s patients and improvements in cognitive disturbances in different populations [20].

Further, It may help with weight loss in some cases and may alleviate symptoms of depression [6][7].

L-Phenylalanine 150 mg

L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that has been studied for its possible benefits in treating illnesses such as attention deficit disorder and depression.

In studies, dosages of up to 1200 mg improved mood and focus in people with attention deficit disorder, but tolerance developed after 2-4 months [15].

In another trial of depressive patients, a dosage range of 75-200 mg/day for 20 days resulted in significant improvements in 12 of the 20 patients [16].

However, the efficiency and safety of L-phenylalanine varies, and it is used to treat a variety of illnesses, including depression and arthritis, as well as addiction rehabilitation [17].

Ginseng Root 100 mg

There are two varieties of Ginseng: white and red. It has a vasodilating and somewhat hypotensive effect on the body’s nitric oxide production [8].

It boosts the activity of antioxidant enzymes and may reduce oxidative damage associated with aging in rodents [9].

Ginseng has been linked to memory advantages, particularly in age-related cognitive decline; it can also enhance mental and physical resilience, reduce fatigue, and help the body cope with stress [10].

The daily standard dosage is 0.5 to 2 g of dry root or 200 mg of extract. However, high doses may cause overstimulation and raise blood pressure, making it unsuitable for people with acute asthma or hypertension.

The 100 mg dose of Kaged Mindset may be insufficient to provide these possible advantages.

Phosphatidylserine 50 mg

Phosphatidylserine is essential for proper brain function. According to studies, phosphatidylserine is required to keep nerve cell membranes and myelin in good repair, which is necessary for efficient neurotransmission [11].

One way phosphatidylserine helps the brain maintain cognitive function as we age is by facilitating learning, memory, focus, and problem-solving [12].

Since it can pass the blood-brain barrier, it is well-absorbed. Phosphatidylserine supplements are generally well-tolerated and have been shown to enhance cognitive functions. For cognitive support, dosages ranging from 100 to 800 mg per day are recommended [13][14].

Unfortunately, phosphatidylserine is underdosed in Kaged Mindset compared to the recommended dosages.

Huperzine A 5 mg

Huperzine A may improve cognitive performance and aid Alzheimer’s patients [21].

Athletes involved in contact, collision, or combat sports may benefit from taking 1mg/kg of bodyweight daily to treat traumatic brain damage [22].

However, the immediate cognitive and physical benefits of Huperzine-A have yet to be determined. As a result, its status remains speculative until additional research is done [23].


Kaged Mindset is reasonably priced compared to other nootropic brands. I’ve broken down the price per serving below based on the options Kaged provides.

Kaged MindsetPrice
1 Tub (30 servings)$44.99 ($1.49/serving)
1 Tub Subscription$40.49 ($1.35/serving)

Kaged Mindset Benefits

Improve Focus And Memory

Many ingredients in Kaged Mindset enhance cognitive function, and the combination of them may have a better effect. However, some ingredients are underdosed or speculative in their effects, so the individual response may vary.

You can double scoop to reach more effective doses, turning your monthly supply into 15 days.

Stimulant Free

Stimulant-free nootropics are great, as you can take them at any time without disturbing your sleep.

While caffeine is the most effective brain-boosting substance, it comes with major drawbacks like anxiety, jitters, energy crashes, and disrupting your sleep if taken too close to bed.

Having a nootropic without caffeine means you can take it in the afternoon or evening before important, mentally demanding tasks.

Banned Substance Tested

If you’re a first responder or competitive athlete subject to random drug tests, you must look for the informed sport tick on your supplements.

Kaged Mindset has the informed sport tick, so you’re safe from testing positive for banned substances.

Who Is Kaged Mindset For?

Kaged Mindset Benefits


Trying speculative substances to enhance brain function is a biohacker’s wet dream. They better understand how their body changes and reacts to new supplements than the average Joe, making them the perfect candidate to try the Kaged Mindset nootropic.

Busy Professionals

Our lives are busier than ever. Whatever edge we can get in our professional lives is worth taking as long as it is not harming our health. Kaged Mindset increases brain function, potentially helping you stay focused, alert, and on your A-game.

Late Afternoon And Evening Workers

Work is no longer 9-5. You may have an important late afternoon meeting, presentation, or deadline. Coffee and caffeine are the last things you want to put in your body.

Jacking up your anxiety then leaving you lying in bed at 11 pm still wide awake. Kaged Mindset is stimulant-free, so your sleep isn’t disturbed when you want a mental pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Coffee Haters

This is me. I hate coffee. And energy drinks can give me caffeine anxiety, jitters, and an inevitable crash a few hours later. Kaged Mindset delivers smooth nootropic energy and focus without these negative side effects.

My Experience Using Kaged Mindset

I like to test my nootropics before mentally demanding tasks, whether that’s podcasting and having to stay locked into the conversation while remembering my questions or sitting for 2 hours writing this review without distraction.

Kaged Mindset had me feeling “dialed in” during these tasks, and I didn’t have the inevitable crash I get on stimulant-laced drinks.

Two scoops definitely have a more pronounced effect than the single serving, so I recommend taking two scoops if you have a very important task.

It helps that it tastes great. I wish they had the strawberry lemonade flavor in the original Mindset formula, as that’s my favorite, but orange and mango is still delicious.

User Testimonials And Reviews

Kaged Mindset has excellent reviews online. The product is newer than some of the other nootropics I’ve tried and reviewed and has a lot fewer reviews than some of them.

But the 70+ and nearly complete 5 stars on the Kaged website and the 3.9 score from around 100 reviews on Amazon can give you a pretty good representation of how people feel about it.

“This product is amazing for focus and wellbeing. I can legit feel my brain working better and faster. I can fly through work and I feel great doing it. Having conversations and even difficult conversations are a breeze. Accomplishing tasks actually feels better on this stuff. I take the non stim mindset in the morning and half scoop in afternoon. This way I can have my pre Kaged and Kaged caffeine separately as I prefer stims at different times of day.“

Add a new flavor cuz this product is bomb!“ – Wes B.

“I’m a bit skeptical of most of the products out on the market these days…. But I gave Mindset a shot anyway…, and I have to say… I’m feeling pretty good, drinking this combined with my Kaged HydraCharge. I match up the flavors and pretty much drink this cocktail throughout the day while I work from my desk. I feel not only well-hydrated, but I feel alert and focused all day long. This is really different than I have felt in the past (needing a nap or two just to survive)

Thanks Kaged!, for a great product that really makes a difference!”- John R.

As usual with supplements, not everyone feels the effect. Most low-score reviews are about the lack of profound effect, while quite a few people think the price is too high for the amount you get.

“I don’t think I was looking for a miracle product, but my hopes were high with all the positive reviews. I have taken a full container and I never really noticed a difference in my ability to focus or complete tasks. Tasted great though.”- Ethan.

“Says thirty servings but it did not last a month just using one scoop daily. Had to purchase more.”- Candido R.

There are also some mixed reviews that appreciate the product but are not hyping it like this 4-star review on Amazon:

“So, the main effect of this seems to be that: it stimulates and gives you a boost similar to coffee, without actually having to drink coffee. The best part about this is: you likely won’t get the jitters that often accompanies drinking coffee. To me, that’s a big perk. However, I’d say it’s a little expensive for what it is, and it’s not a miracle worker. Still, a good deal if you need a pick-me-up and don’t want to drink coffee!”- JC

Kaged Mindset Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of the ingredients in Kaged Mindset, and I didn’t experience any adverse effects.

As always, consult with a healthcare provider to ensure they are appropriate for your health condition and won’t interact with any medications you’re currently taking.

Kaged Mindset vs. Elite

Kaged Mindset vs Elite

The only difference between Kaged Mindset and Mindset Elite is the addition of Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola rosea, recognized for its adaptogenic qualities, has shown promising results in enhancing cognitive functions and managing stress, fatigue, and anxiety-related symptoms.

Clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to improve mental performance in physicians and students, reduce chronic fatigue and burnout symptoms, and offer significant benefits in treating mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety with fewer side effects compared to conventional treatments [25].

170 mg taken for two weeks alleviates fatigue associated with working the night shift [24].

Mental advantages are commonly gained at doses ranging from 150 to 300 mg. Therefore, Kaged Mindset Elite may provide you with these benefits.

Does that mean it’s worth the extra $9 over the original Kaged Mindset?

I don’t believe so, but it’s worth a shot if you’re into trying new things. For an even better effect, go with the Kaged Mindset + caffeine.

Caffeine is the greatest nootropic on Earth. But then you’re limited when taking it and may run into the same caffeine problems like jitters and crashes.

Kaged Mindset Alternatives



With caffeine and L-theanine, Vyvamind is a nootropic that enhances concentration and mental performance. Many report feeling more energized, focused, and cognitively capable without experiencing any significant crashes.

Vyvamind’s formula is created to complement the main nootropic pair of caffeine and L-theanine. It also includes citicoline and L-tyrosine, albeit in fewer quantities than recommended.

It is well-known that this combination enhances focus and mental performance. For customers looking for a milder way to boost their brain power, this supplement is marketed as an alternative to stimulants.

People who can benefit from taking Vyvamind include those with hectic schedules needing a mental boost, students during sessions, and people who don’t take coffee well.

You can read my full breakdown in my Vyvamind review.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a well-known nootropic that has attracted a lot of attention for its potential cognitive benefits. Its composition, intended to promote attention and mental clarity, has no stimulants and is made entirely of natural substances, making it a good choice for health-conscious individuals.

The product’s unique combination of 11 research-backed ingredients sets it apart from other brain health supplements on the market.

The substances were carefully chosen to improve memory, concentration, mental clarity, mood, and processing speed.

Despite some reservations about the amount of specific ingredients used and the need for more scientific data, Mind Lab Pro is frequently praised for its potential to increase cognitive performance, particularly for professionals, students, the elderly, and athletes.

Our Mind Lab Pro review contains a comprehensive breakdown.



NooCube is a popular brain-boosting supplement due to its claimed rapid cognitive effects. NooCube’s components include Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine.

These are widely recognized for their mental health benefits. Specific substances, including Huperzine-A and Alpha GPC, are speculative without further research.

NooCube is designed to boost cognition and alertness without using stimulants, and the quantities of each ingredient are clearly indicated.

NooCube is particularly beneficial to working professionals, students, the elderly, gamers, and combat athletes since it provides many cognitive benefits without the jittery side effects associated with caffeine.

You can read my full breakdown in my NooCube review.

Frequently Asked Kaged Mindset Questions

Is Kaged Muscle A Good Brand?

Kaged Muscle is an excellent brand as all their supplements are third-party tested for contaminants and banned substances, so everyone from the average Joe to the professional athlete can use them.


In my opinion, Kaged Mindset is a middle-of-the-range nootropic, and the price reflects that. It’s designed for a short-term brain boost, not long-term brain change, which many users are after.

Being a flavored powder is nice as you can mix it with your daily creatine or other supplements as part of your routine.

Kaged Mindset

Kaged Mindset

Powdered nootropic blend to enhance cognitive function without stimulants.

Kaged Mindset


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